Winter Essentials: New Clothes for the New Year

Winter Essentials: New Clothes for the New Year

Starting up the morning school routine in the new year can be overwhelming after the long break. Getting the kids ready and out the door on time is a hassle the first couple of days back, but I like to keep it simple by getting all of my winter essentials in these bundle packs. The convenience of having a go-to outfit for the kids speeds up the process and leaves everyone happy and comfortable!

My favorite go-to pieces for the kids are these heat retaining fleece thermals. These great essential are quick to layer on during the hustle and bustle of early morning school routines. No need to fuss over what to wear, these go great as long johns, pajamas, or alone as a classic tee. My kids love them for their tag free design and the soft fleece interior. The best part is they come in a pack of three classic colors in adults and kids sizes. I can buy them for everyone in the family!

My absolute favorite accessories are these knit beanie caps. This cozy double layer knit hat makes school drop off a breeze. I throw it on when I'm rushing through errands or when I just don't feel like combing my hair. I love that they come in a bundle pack so I have multiple colors to choose from to fit any mood or outfit.


Last but not least, I love to wear these wool blend socks in the winter because they keep my feet warm all day. I love that the high quality blend doesn't irritate my skin compared to other brands. Plus, the unisex sizing means I can buy in bulk and share with my husband.  I'm always ready to see my kids off in these warm socks.


Every time I start running low on these I hop onto Angelina.Shop and shop through my phone while I wait for school pick up. I can find everything I need for myself and my family without having to drag the kids to a store to try everything on. 

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